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About Jefferson

Jefferson Shreve has remained deeply engaged in the life of his alma mater over the decades since he graduated from IU with his B.A.

As an undergrad, he was involved in Greek life and IUSA.   Post-graduation, he served first on the College Alumni Board, and later on the Alumni Association’s board.  He went “through the chairs” over several years, and ultimately served as National Chairman of the IU Alumni Association.   He continues to lend time and energy on the Executive Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Jefferson Shreve did a stint up at Purdue, where he earned an MBA from the Krannert School.  But his heart remained a Hoosier throughout his time in West Lafayette.   He also jumped the pond to earn an MA in International Relations & Diplomacy from the University of London.

Those experiences have enriched his perspective as to the value of higher education generally — and given him an uncommon perspective as to IU’s place in an increasingly competitive higher ed landscape — both within and beyond Indiana’s borders.

Professional Overview

After finishing his BA in Political Science, he naturally went out and started into the self-storage business…

That business, Storage Express, has grown to become the largest self storage company headquartered in Indiana.    If you see a brightly lit, well-maintained storage facility in the Midwest with blue doors and roofs – it’s probably a Storage Express!

His company has enjoyed meaty growth and success by virtue of the team that Jefferson built, and the innovation that his team brought to running and growing an otherwise low-tech business.  Storage Express has been a technology innovator in a pedestrian industry where one wouldn’t expect to see so much technology at work, but behind the scenes.

Success in the storage business has enabled him to participate in other several other business ventures.  And he’s been deeply involved in the civic and political life of him hometown and state.   He’s active on several boards, including the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.  He was appointed by the Governor to Indiana’s State Workforce Innovation Council, where he and others are hard at work addressing Indiana’s workforce challenge (and opportunity!). And he served his hometown of Indianapolis as a City-County Councillor.

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